The South Devon Catchments Partnership

The South Devon Catchments Partnership is pretty unique, as it is made up of several similar but distinct river catchments. That’s why we’ve called it a Catchments Partnership!

It’s jointly hosted by Westcountry Rivers Trust and the South Devon AONB.

We’re here to bring together all of us who are interested in, excited by and care about South Devon’s rivers and their surroundings. Be that up in the hills of Dartmoor, next to our homes or running through our farms, or right down at the estuaries where the rivers meet the sea.

Bringing people together

BREAK for clean water and a healthy environment

BREAK BREAK for the benefit of everyone


  • Supporting local initiatives
  • Working at the most local level we can, widening our scope only when this will improve outcomes for the environment


  • Bringing together all those with a passion for our rivers and environment
  • Being community-led, and supporting bottom-up approaches
  • Building trust and confidence, between partners and between the partnership and the wider community, by working openly and honestly


  • Avoiding duplication and bureaucracy through effective communication and collaboration
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practice, at a local level and with other Catchment Partnerships
  • Building skills, knowledge and capacity within our communities and stakeholder groups, to sustain the catchment-based approach in the long term

We do all this by convening 3 groups:

  1. Working group – taking a leading role in the partnership and the development of the action plan
  2. Active group – involved in carrying out work on the ground
  3. Informed group – on our mailing list to keep informed about initiatives, with a view to future involvement

Join the informed group of the partnership by signing our pledge! You can then attend meetings and get in touch to discuss getting involved further…

Read our full Terms of Reference here.

What is a Catchment Partnership?

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) is a community-led approach that engages people and groups from across society to help improve our precious water environments. CaBA Partnerships are now actively working in 100+ catchments across England and Wales.

Catchment Based Approach National Support Team

Rivers are affected by all the activities which take place on the land which drains into them – their catchments.

So, the greatest improvements in the health of our rivers come when everyone who uses, manages and cares about them cooperates and collaborates. This includes land managers and farmers, those responsible for environmental regulation, wildlife conservation groups, scientific researchers, local businesses and local residents.

By working together we avoid duplication  and get more done!

Catchment Partnerships, like our own, are comprised of a diverse range of interested groups, or stakeholders, from across the catchment.

Together, we are taking on the huge but exciting task of planning, funding and delivering healthy rivers and an improved watery environment across all of our catchments.


If you are one of our Catchment Partners, the CaBA website showcases the work being undertaken by Catchment Partnerships across England and Wales. It is a platform to share ideas and discuss best practice in stakeholder-led catchment management, including planning, delivery and evaluation.