The primary driver for the Catchment Based Approach is the need for the UK to meet its water quality obligations under the Water Framework Directive. However, the partnership also embraces the whole range of benefits derived from the river catchments including:

  • Drinking water
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Flood management
  • Bio-security
  • Recreation
  • Culture & heritage
  • Food production
  • Health & well-being

Our vision


  • Supporting local initiatives
  • Working at the most local level we can, widening our scope only when this will improve outcomes for the environment


  • Bringing together all those with a passion for our rivers and environment
  • Being community-led, and supporting bottom-up approaches
  • Building trust and confidence, between partners and between the partnership and the wider community, by working openly and honestly


  • Avoiding duplication and bureaucracy through effective communication and collaboration
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practice, at a local level and with other Catchment Partnerships
  • Building skills, knowledge and capacity within our communities and stakeholder groups, to sustain the catchment-based approach in the long term

We do all this by convening 3 groups:

  • Working group – taking a leading role in the partnership and the development of the action plan
  • Active group – involved in carrying out work on the ground
  • Informed group – on our mailing list to keep informed about initiatives, with a view to future involvement

We have a project pipeline spreadsheet which is reviewed and updated at meetings. Some of these projects are being developed for a specific funding stream, while others are being recorded and developed to be ‘shovel-ready’ for an appropriate funding opportunity.

Email to find out more and get involved.

Visit our resources page to see our partnership documents and find useful resources for partners.

To achieve our goal to bring people together, for clean water and a healthy environment, for the benefit of everyone, we have developed the following vision for South Devon…

Where we work

The Partnership covers the rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries and coast surrounding catchments of the Yealm, Erme, Avon, Salcombe-Kingsbridge, Dart and Teign.