Environment Agency – South West River Basin Management Plan review

‘Challenges and Choices’ Consultation

Closes 24th April 2020

We know that ‘water quality’ means many different things to many different people.

We also know that ‘water quality’ is an important concern across our South Devon AONB Estuary Forums & Management Groups and the South Devon Catchments Partnership.

Now is the time to act on that concern.

The Environment Agency have launched their five yearly formal request for us all to consider our existing River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) and support those actions that we feel are working or suggest improvements, new actions, ideas and direction where we feel that they could be improved.

Please do give this review some thought. Water quality and how we manage it is hugely important for all our lives, the living countryside and coast we love to see around us, and that of our very life support ecosystem. It is very much in all our interests.

The review is also very much about how we communicate and encourage the message that every positive action and every drop can count!

Watch our short video to learn more about why water is so important.

The South Devon AONB Estuaries Partnership and South Devon Catchments Partnership will be hosting a dedicated RBMP Review Consultation workshop on the 11th February 2020.

This workshop will explore some of the wider Challenges and Choices we must make and help facilitate and develop your thoughts and consultation comments. If you have knowledge to share or are looking to find out more and make a meaningful contribution to the consultation, then do come along.

Please keep the date in your diary, we will send out more details nearer the time. Contact rosie@wrt.org.uk for more information and to confirm your attendance.

But you don’t need to wait for us – just follow the link below to find out more.

Consultation comments can be sent in equally from individuals, groups, clubs, organisations or authorities, from Parishes, Towns and Districts.

Small changes, big picture

The Environment Agency has produced a series of short videos to go alongside the consultation, watch to find out more about how you can make a difference…

Hint… skip the the first 30secs of the videos after you’ve seen the first!